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Title: Sanrio Danshi

Alternative: Sanrio Boys

Score: 6.65

Status: Completed

Episodes: 12

Duration: 24 min. per ep.

Aired: Jan 6, 2018

Studio: Studio Pierrot

Genres: , ,


Kouta Hasegawa is a completely normal high school student who likes his Pompompurin stuffed animal, a Sanrio character modelled after a Golden Retriever, which his grandmother gave him when he was young. However, an incident in which other kids accused him of being girly for liking Sanrio characters made him ashamed of his attachment to Pompompurin.

Through a series of unexpected events, Kouta ends up meeting others at school who also like Sanrio characters—Yuu Mizuno, a flashy boy who is popular with girls; Shunsuke Yoshino, a member of the soccer team; Ryou Nishimiya, an underclassman who is a library assistant; and Seiichirou Minamoto, the student council president.

Through his new friends, Kouta learns that there is no need to be embarrassed for liking Sanrio characters; and together, they aim to create a play for the cultural festival in order to transform his normal school life into a sparkly one.

Sanrio Danshi Opening List

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Sanrio Danshi – Now on dream!

Type : Full

Release Date : Mar 01, 2018

Artist : Sanrio Danshi

Title : Now on dream!

File Format : Mp3 (320 Kbps)

Size : 10.9 MB

Duration : 4:34 Min.

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Sanrio Danshi – Seishun Interlude

Type : Full

Release Date : Mar 01, 2018

Artist : Sanrio Danshi

Title : Seishun Interlude

File Format : Mp3 (320 Kbps)

Size : 10.1 MB

Duration : 4:13 Min.

Sanrio Danshi Ending List

Sanrio Danshi [Single & Original Soundtrack] Music

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